William A. Huber, Ph.D.

Statistician, Mathematician, and Data Analyst

Dr. Huber is an Accredited Professional Statistician (American Statistical Association) with a PhD in mathematics from Columbia University.

When New Jersey implemented new regulations to control groundwater pollution, Dr. Huber predicted that prominent manufacturing plants would face unexpected and unfair financial penalties.  Using statewide data obtained through the FOIA, he created and analyzed a database of monitoring records to determine which facilities would be affected. Working closely with industry, the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and the public, Dr. Huber recommended changes to the regulations which were quickly adopted, leading to a fairer, more effective program that remains in use today.

“Working with data is both a science and an art. My passion is mining data to uncover valuable insights that improve critical business decisions and boost company and product performance. I like developing models which describe patterns and explain the relationships among variables that can reveal previously unseen facts of high business value.”

“I also relish the detective aspect of cases related to fraud or theft, and figuring out our strategy when many critical answers simply don’t exist.” Dr. Huber has testified in federal courts and supported litigation as a consulting expert in many states and Mexico.

As President and Founder of Quantitative Decisions, a statistical consulting and software development firm, Dr. Huber completed over 300 projects, illuminating ideas that accelerate growth, innovation, and competitiveness. Many of his projects have focused on environmental statistics and decision analysis.

Dr. Huber has taught college and professional courses in statistics, sampling, computing, and data visualization. He has developed over 40 software applications in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), nurtures online professional communities in GIS and statistics, and led the research and analysis to produce the first National Broadband Map for the Federal Communications Commission.

In 2009, Dr. Huber was awarded Best Peer Reviewer by the Society for Risk Analysis.